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Farkle disagrees and turns around to reveal his new outfit, proclaiming Farkle is gone. Lucas is still not okay with his friends acting different because of what their classmates say about them. Girl Meets Yearbook is the twelfth episode in season 2 of Girl Meets World and the 33rd episode overall.

After Farkle agrees that they should just be the best people they can be, Maya feels that Riley is the best person for her to be. Riley and Maya say they know who they are and Farkle knows who he is. Farkle promises to stay the scientist that he is so long as he can do tests: Riley explains she is now Morotia M.

Lucas turns up for class hoping Farkle is back to normal, only to be disappointed, and things are about to get worse. After Lucas meets "Morotia" for the first time, Maya shows up dressed and talking like Riley.

Girl Meets Yearbook/Transcript

Frustrated, Maya and Topanga leave Morotia and Donnie in their darkness. Plot At school, Riley and Farkle bring out a box of their new yearbooks to hand out to their classmates.

Riley and Farkle are upset to hear their awards are their classmates making fun of them. With Riley and Topanga in the bakery, Katy shows off her acting skills by impersonating Riley.

Maya says they need Riley back and, if she wants to listen to people, she should listen to the right people like her. Lucas goes outside to talk to the new Farkle.

Girl Meets Yearbook

Cory tells the kids that people will always say things about them, but the important thing is not to react. It aired on August 7, to 2. As Lucas tries to dissuade Maya from acting like Riley, he inadvertently mentions her troubled home life. Freaked out by seeing how his best friend is changing to please other people, Lucas asks Cory if he has a lesson for them.

After Katy says she went through it and Cory and Topanga probably did too, Topanga admits she was weird and Cory was "celery" at that age.Watch Girl Meets World - Season 2, Episode 12 - Girl Meets Yearbook: The kids don't like what they've been voted "most likely" for in the school yearbook and set out to change things/10(18).

The following is the transcript for Girl Meets Yearbook. #GirlMeetsWorld 2x12 "Girl Meets Yearbook" - Maya and Riley. #GirlMeetsWorld 2x12 "Girl Meets Yearbook" - Maya and Riley.

(that is dark Dani)"ladies and gentlemen of the hallway" i heard farkle say "it's yearbook time" Riley announced as she and farkle walked over carrying a box full of yearbooks then they both started passing them out to people walking by "yearbooks find out who we are and what we really think about each other" Riley said as i smiled and sat down looking through my yearbo.

Riley and Farkle were standing in the center of the hallway, handing out yearbooks."Hey Eva," Farkle grinned, handing her a yearbook. "You're on pages 32, 15, and "Eva grinned, flicking open her yearbook."Yearbooks!" Girl Meets World: Through New Eyes Girl Meets Yearbook Part 1.

Ravenclaw Queen. Eva arrived at school early the next. Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Yearbook - Review The Largest Collection of TV spoilers and show information for the most popular shows on TV SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers.

Yearbooks girl meets world
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