Which of the following is necessary for writing a straight news story

Notice here that we changed the word "houses" to "homes", since "homes" are houses with people living in them. A short-circuit occurred early this morning.

Notice that we split key point g into two halves. Two hours later the centre of Cyclone Victor passed over Honiara before tracking into the Coral Sea, where it blew itself out.

This will make it easy for the reader to follow and understand it. It would be possible to write the rest of the story by choosing more key points from the information left, ranking them according to newsworthiness then writing them in order.

They had no way of escape and all perished. The amount of detail which we include in the story will depend on how much we feel our readers or listeners will want. This makes it easier for readers and listeners to understand.

Options We have three choices at this point for writing the rest of the story. Now we have told the story of the cyclone, at the same time bringing our audience up to date with latest developments. See how the first paragraph of the news story is the biggest news, and how the story begins to taper down towards the minor detail.

Whichever option we choose, there must be a clear logic behind the way the story is told.

The flames quickly spread and soon the entire house was blazing. In many societies, people read newspapers and web pages in a hurry.

It has to sell the story to the casual reader or listener. Visitors could follow and understand either of these. What is the damage outside Honiara? The easiest way of doing that is to provide a kind of summary to the first segment of our story with the paragraph: In this respect, they are quite unlike other forms of written English, such as novels and short stories, committee reports, letters and theses.

In short, is this how you want to see the story in your newspaper or hear it read out on air? A much simpler alternative is to now go back to the beginning of the event and tell it in chronological order, as things happened.

More than 20 homes were destroyed and a number of other buildings were badly damaged. Eighteen people treated for minor injuries. Two women and a man were killed by flying debris, and a further 18 people are being treated in hospital for minor injuries.

Have you chosen the key points? Mopping-up operations have now started in Honiara. Have you ranked them in order when writing your story?

They plotted it travelling south-west across the Pacific towards the Solomon Islands.

The names of the dead and injured are not being released until relatives have been informed. In either case, the readers will generally read less than half of most stories; there are very few stories indeed of which they will read every word.

This "shape" of the news story, with a "broad" top and a "narrow" base, is in the weight of the news itself. The fire started in the laundry, where it is believed faulty electrical wiring caused a short-circuit.

Or we can tell it in descending order of importance of the key points, all the way down to the least newsworthy at the end.Chapter 6 A Straight News Story Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Where? When? Why? and How? to allow the intro to stand alone if necessary, we finally wrote the intro: Six people were killed and more than left homeless when Cyclone Victor hit the Solomon Islands yesterday.

Ask yourself the following questions: If you now want to discover some of the golden rules of writing the news story, follow.

This way of writing a news story, with the main news at the start and the rest of the detail following in decreasing order of importance, is known as the inverted pyramid. If it is necessary to cut a number of lines, to fit the story into the available space on a page or into the available time in a news bulletin, it is best if the least.

News writing is an essential skill for journalists. Learn about the five Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why) that every story should address. How do you write a news story?

News writing follows a basic formula. The front page of a paper (online and in print) offers the biggest news stories of the day and there you’ll find straight. Howto Writea NewsStory. mi-centre.come‘W’s(andthe‘H’) mi-centre.comdtoknowthesethings: Who?

What? Where? When? Why? The story of Claus Nerlov and his favourite genes, C/EBPα and C/EBPβ, is of a long, successful relationship spanning more than 15 years.

This September was an. Writing bridges for news stories Learning objective Write an internal news story (lesson 2 of 5) second part of a straight news story and is one sentence, 30 words or less. Its purpose is to not only act as a if necessary for clarity.

If you’re writing for an Army post and you are identifying an Army person, there’s no.

Which of the following is necessary for writing a straight news story
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