The importance of accountability and sensitive items

There are plans for a new Futures Command and cross-functional teams meant to aggressively streamline requirements, research and development, and procurement and acquisition processes. Teams will address everything from a new combat vehicle to soldier lethality — which can span new weapons, night vision and unmanned aerial vehicles at the individual soldier level.

The Importance Of Being Accountable

We owe them our attention, 3. Your rifle is a sensitive item, because if it falls into the wrong hands it can be dangerous to you, your unit and civilians. If tasks are not completed and functions of the job are not performed properly, then that employee will also be responsible for dealing with the repercussions.

Your military ID card holds ways to access many military installations, and military websites which are only accessible with a CAC card. Your communication equipment, radios, daggers, and SKL are all sensitive items.

Accountability sensitive items

This paper will explain the reasonings and methods behind, specifically, the guarding, securing, and monitoring of sensitive items of various types, as well as the consequences if such actions are not taken. Great harm could befall others should I do otherwise.

The person having this obligation may or may not have actual possession of the property, documents, or funds. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-bound. And this is because God is our judge and he will judge everyone on the day he returns.

We owe the Marines, sailors and soldiers who died serving with the Regimental Command 2. It is a way for them to measure their own productivity. As soldiers we must do everything within our power to limit our opposition in succeeding at their mission.

This takes many forms, from keeping top secret actions and information secured and out of the hands of possible enemies, all the way to checking and double-checking all security measures guarding these sensitive items.

Accountability Counseling

But the negative side effects of a zero tolerance or perceived zero tolerance culture of accountability of equipment can lead to negative practices, such as: Securing these sensitive items comes down to maintaining operational security which in turn increases each individual soldiers overall readiness and also mission success.

A colonel I worked for shared a story with me from when he was a battalion commander. OPSEC is a continuous process and an inherent part of military culture and as such, must be fully integrated into the execution of all Army operations and supporting activities.

I did inform you that if for some reason you in fact just left your gas mask behind in the rear or simply lost it you need to come forward with that information as soon as possible and as of the time of this counseling you have not changed your story.

To be accounted for allows the subject to be somewhere else other than his point of duty, knowing that his command knows of his whereabouts and his status. Acting or arriving exactly at the time appointed; Related Documents Essay Accountability: Soldiers get issued ID cards, clothes, equipment, weapons, ammunition and much more.

The bibliography looks at sources that are against having women in combat roles, sources that advocate women playing combat roles. I will never quit.

Many units will not issue equipment because it is rarely used or too much of a hassle to maintain accountability for it. The National Atlantic Treaty Organization defines hybrid threats as an umbrella term that encompasses a wide variety of existing adverse circumstances and actions, which include terrorism, migration, piracy, corruption, and ethnic conflict.

Also the lack of this type of diligence in the future could cause me to lose other types of sensitive items i.word essay on importance of accountability of sensitive items how to start an research paper notes.

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Military Accountability Essay

matter in formation it is also imperative to have accountability of all your weapons and sensitive items. Incase of something. The importance of securing sensitive items comes down to maintaining accountability for operation security, mission success and over all readiness.

The habits of exercising security and accountability of a soldiers items allow the soldier and their team to operate to the highest state of readiness or have items be accessed by an opposing.

Sep 06,  · What is the importance of accountability formation in the army?? More questions. I have a word essay on the importance of accountability in the us army and i need some help?

Sensitive item Essay Sample

Essay words on importance of being on time in the army? Answer Resolved.  PVT Mills The importance of accountability and sensitive items in the military Sensitive items are those items which are attractive for personnel use, attraction to the wrong kind of people who like to steal sensitive items, (for example weapons, Military Identification Cards, Thumb Drives, and military equipment), and the equipment can be.

The Importance Of Proper Accountability; The Importance Of Proper Accountability. and has actual eyes on these items. Accountability of other personnel is a very sensitive item, probably the most sensitive item for anyone.

i have explained the importance of maintaining your equipment and always knowing where it its. The .

The importance of accountability and sensitive items
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