Temsa a time of crisis

In the s this was upgraded to the 1. Starting from Aprilthe front part of the A2 received the same changes that the A1 received that year including the new nose, front grille and headlamps and this design went on until the end of Due to increased interest in the foot coaches, MCI discontinued its foot coach in June of This coach was operated by Brewster and presumably saw service in and near Banff.

Its prototype was prepared in and the car was introduced to the market in It quickly became known as the E model and went into production in Greyhound in the U. From Greyhound and to Mexico Greyhound Corp. InCanadian Greyhound operated a total of 67 vehicles.

The P2 also received the new nose of the facelifted A1. In mid-yearMCI took over responsibility for the sale, support, service and parts for Setra coaches in the United States and Canada.

Any bus that could operate safety, reliably and economically in the local environment would be a winner any place else. Coaches intended for delivery to Canadian customers would be finished at the new Plant 3. In spite of all of this, or possibly because of it, the area attracted many enterprising people.

Your editor has a C3 that was one of the last coaches built at Roswell. In a New Zealand entrepreneur, Alan Gibbsannounced that he intended to also produce the car in his country as the Anziel Nova.

All of the initial production at Roswell was for Greyhound but in later years many of the coaches went to other operators. Department of Justice filed an antitrust suit against General Motors.

MCI Celebrates 80 Years of Bus Production

Other models were totally built in Winnipeg. In a relatively short time, coaches of the new MC-5 model were built and delivered to Greyhound from Pembina. Winnipeg became a major railroad and transportation center as well as providing the birthplace for numerous businesses and industries including two major bus builders.

Note the windows in the roof to enhance sightseeing. With the opening of the new Fort Garry facility, new coaches were partially completed up there.

A foot version was sold to Mexican operators and the foot version became known as the model F and was sold in the United States by MCI. Shown here is an MC This developmental era covered four models — MC-1 through MC-4 — and approximately six years. Many saloons have also been converted to pickup trucks.

Finally, at the beginning of Aprilthe first STC rolled out of the Otosan factory in Istanbul and went into the showroom. These buses were a substantial step forward but they lacked full integral construction and were powered by an underfloor Hall-Scott pancake engine.

Initial production was for Greyhound but eventually coaches for other operators were built here. The new production plan would see coaches produced at the new Fort Garry plant and then trucked to Pembina for finishing.

MCI immediately set out to develop an improved and modern heavy-duty coach suitable for the needs of Greyhound in the United States.

The bodies were rebuilt and somewhat streamlined while rebuilt engines were installed.The leading coach and bus industry news source. Connecting you to the latest coach and bus market reports, features, comment and analysis.

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It was exactly 80 years ago, inthat the company designed and built its first bus. The Anadol A1, code named FW5 by Reliant which developed the prototype upon Anadol's request, went into production on 19 December The styling of the A1 was by Tom Karen of Ogle mi-centre.com a New Zealand entrepreneur, Alan Gibbs, announced that he intended to also produce the car in his country as the Anziel Nova.

This project never proceeded beyond the initial announcement and .

Temsa a time of crisis
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