Take a stand against bullying

When I see kids picking on other kids, it makes me so mad! I have cerebral palsy. I have Down syndrome. But I have this cool red wheelchair. When I talk, people have trouble understanding me sometimes. You got something to say?

Two things I know for sure: Making babies like you cry. Not many people know this, but I have epilepsy. Boy, did the other hamsters let me know it! It was so fun. Sometimes I space out. I hope you have fun and learn a lot about how to stop bullying.

Should I try to stop it? Yep, I use sign language.

Sometimes when I talk, you might not understand me. Do you like computers?


They teased me and called me names. Sometimes I see kids being picked on, and I feel scared.

Do you like my new cell phone? I can read lips!

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But I usually understand you. Nobody likes bullying, and everyone deserves respect. Hamsters can be so mean! I take medication so it hardly ever happens anymore. I felt so bad. Hit a grand slam in Little League last year. But once it happened at school.

I feel really bad.October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Get involved in this month long campaign uniting a nation to take action at the local level to prevent bullying in schools, communities and online. Learn with the Club Crew!

i care because i have been on both sides and even if it doesn't seem like it the bully needs help to because no matter what they bully for a reason even though bullying others is the worst way to cope with what they have going on they do.

Take a stand against bullying
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