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Kaela will head up outreach to the community including the on boarding of volunteers during the summer of In the past twenty years we have had periods of relative success, glimpses of what might be achieved. A very enjoyable night and many thanks to Ian, as always, you could hear a pin drop during his ever popular and enthusiastic story telling.

She volunteers monthly and has been the Medical Director of the Free Clinic for many years. We want to see a better future for all in Northern Ireland and where the residual effects of conflict are recognised Reach project addressed in a reparative manner.

Authentic reconciliation will depend upon us all embracing new thinking, having conversations to build new relationships between all sides. That is wrong and I for one do not agree with it. Whether you agree with me or not, this is the perception of many Unionists and Reach project.

Her excitement for Drug User Health was sparked by the death of a family member and her concern about access to care and stigma facing the homeless is demonstrated by her years of volunteer work at her local shelter. However, no-one should ever be excluded from playing a constructive role in the future because of past actions.

We seek to make an important contribution to the Reach project of a peaceful, stable and prosperous Northern Ireland and Reach project support this objective intend to provide strong community leadership and positive influence to promote social, economic and political development.

True reconciliation will involve finding level ground on which to interact and be reconciled. Her passion for access to care issues and bias in medicine began in her residency in Oakland California. We can do better, but not as ourselves alone. I completely agree that reconciliation and healing must be our future.

Unfortunately it fell into disrepair in the s then later used as a gospel hall until We must challenge that outlook by no longer being apologists for conflict but advocates for change and working to create a society that is at ease with itself in its diversity and difference.

The medical practice will serve as a safety net for any Person Who Uses Drugs, and will help to change the culture around stigma.

But we need to do better. For too long we have been berated for our past and not able to imagine a better future. Individuals who use criminality to serve their own interests at the expense of loyalist communities are an affront to the true principles of loyalism.

We are fully committed to participation in such a process and will approach it with honesty, integrity and sensitivity. We cannot allow criminals to hinder transformation and the ground on which such people stand is now shrinking. There are major obstacles in the way, first and foremost sectarianism, deeply entrenched and passed from generation to generation.

At a time when the political discourse has become increasingly polarised the need for reflective debate has rarely been greater. My family have lived here for generations and this is home to me, my children and grandchildren.

Loyalists must have ownership and control of their own future.

How The Reach Project Can Help

Unionists need to begin the painful task of facing up to our sectarianism, our failings in the past, our need to change, our culpability for thirty years of conflict, our responsibility to create a just and fair society.

Any community left behind in that ambition represents a failure not only for the peace process, but for Northern Ireland as a whole.

Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

We reject and repudiate as unacceptable and contrary to loyalist principles any criminal action claimed to have been undertaken in our name or attributed to any individual claiming membership of one of our organisations. Now is the time for a renewed loyalism, with a new impetus, to meet the challenges ahead.

We can only do better by working together. Let me give you some examples: Anti-sectarianism is wrong when it is perceived as hypocrisy. Too often Unionists have been acquiescent towards sectarianism if not actively complicit. There would have been no Agreement without the involvement of loyalists.

We have made this clear many times and have indeed contributed to previous work on dealing with the past. Her most recent arrival was in after completing her family medicine residency as chief resident and her geriatrics fellowship both at Swedish First Hill in Seattle and convincing her West Coast husband to move with her.

We feel lucky to have her.

Project In-Reach

This has been collectively agreed. So how could anti-sectarianism be wrong? In her work at REACH, she procures grant funding for operating and capital projects, and spearheads the strategic work of the organization including expansion planning, identifying key constituents for business development and helping to define the path to sustainability.The Reach Project is an initiative by the Munk School of Global Affairs and the MasterCard Center focused on researching the delivery of social services in the Location: Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M5S 0A7 Canada.

The REACH Project is a research study investigating the genetics of brain development in children and adolescents. This is a wonderful opportunity for your family to contribute to research that directly relates to your child's development.

About REACH. REACH is a national program administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. The latest Tweets from REACH project (@REACH_). RE-designing Access to Culture Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re-)use and management of European culture We've detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Our student researchers conduct world-class research on how to reach marginalized communities, gaining critical insights along the way.

With your support, more students can benefit from this transformative learning experience. The REACH projects aim is to deliver the hopes of the P.U.L. community, helping them to understand their history and culture. To educate both the young and the elderly so it helps our people to move onto a peaceful and brighter future for all of the people of Northern Ireland.

Reach project
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