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It is insane, but Google is what it is. SCMC is also a national training center for health professionals learning the most advanced techniques in pediatric medicine. Prospect Plan[ edit ] Initiated inalong with the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, this project aims to empower underprivileged people in economically backward regions and promote development of Project hope of china society by capacity building and pursuit of excellence.

Mother River Protection Project[ edit ] This project was created to help improve the ecological environment of China. Properly operating schools benefits people and future generations".

Ground clearing, leveling and infrastructure put into place It helps poverty stricken families pay for the minimal fees and supplies necessary for children to stay in school. Happy Rural Family Hotel Program[ edit ] The goal of this program is to help young people of rural areas in western China engage in tourism service and set up and run family hotels with rural features to alleviate poverty.

The volume series entitled "Hope House of Books" is divided into seven subject areas--famous literary works, history, culture and arts, science and technology, ecology, dictionaries and reference books, and practical Project hope of china.

The year of was designated as the "Project Hope Management Year". Rural Leader Capacity Building Program[ edit ] This program aims to improve the capacity building of those in rural western China talented in business managemententrepreneurship, and leadership through training and support.

More than 30 million children Project hope of china the ages of are unable to attend school or are forced to drop out, with 84 percent of the total number of related youngsters coming from the countryside.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. China Project Hope is a non-profit organization that focuses on educational and cultural exchange programs.

Motorola has placed its focus on direct participation; site visits and long term follow up for projects. The purpose of the foundation was to "help children with funds collected from society. New Cardiac Tower opens, bring annual heart surgery capability to more than 2, The project provided assistance to 1, drop-outs and supported the construction of 5, Hope Schools.

At the time there were no pediatric referral hospitals in China that had the advanced capabilities and lifesaving technologies found in other pediatric hospitals in other parts of the world.

In addition, one Motorola Hope School is located in an urban area to serve students from rural areas whose parents spend part of the year working in the city to supplement their incomes. If this is an opportunity you and your family or you know someone who would be interested in pursuing, please contact Mrs.

It accounted for 8. This program has had a very successful integration process, as Georgia is currently home to 58 China Project Hope students at 13 schools. The foundation has also introduced the Project Hope Social Supervision Day to ensure the standardization and transparency of the management system.

By the way, we have been researching China related charity organizations. Stay Informed Get news from the field and updates on how your donations are being put to work. An individual or a unit can also donate 3, yuan to provide a set of the Hope House of Books to a village school.

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The foundation introduced its last round of national donation activities for Project Hope at the end of May, with commercial banks handling donations in the largest-ever fund-raising effort. The CYDF also recognizes excellent teachers who have been working for a long time for rural primary education and have made outstanding achievements in the implementation of Project Hope in poverty-stricken areas.

Everyone in China knows about Project Hope. Groundbreaking for new SCMC Oncology Tower, which will allow the Center each year to perform 60 more bone marrow transplants, see an additional 15, outpatients, and treat more patients.

The youth foundation used the donation to establish a special fund to support the construction and development of a Project Hope National Agricultural Scientific and Educational Base.

China Project Hope – Exchange Students

This award was created in to Project hope of china the development of young people in poverty-stricken areas and strengthen the determination to eliminate poverty. The organization has done extremely well, and here is a recap of the impact Project Hope has had in the last 20 years: The report drew the conclusion that Project Hope has become the largest and most influential non-governmental welfare project in China.

June By the end ofProject Hope has raised over 5. Many foreign corporations operate in China also donate to this charity. A total of 5 million volumes of the Hope House of Books had been released by July Each year, there are 1 million children deprived of education due to poverty.

It has supported various programs and activities including providing support to get children back in school, building schools, supporting teacher trainingproviding scholarships for outstanding students, building libraries and computer labs, and providing sponsorship for the children of migrant workers in cities.

The program was jointly implemented by the foundation and project enforcement agencies at all levels nationwide. Their mission is to generate international understanding, tolerance and global leadership. A short time later, the China Youth Development Foundation established the computerized Project Hope Management Information System to ensure a strict management system subject to annual audits.

These clubs will educate rural populations, especially youth, on AIDS prevention.China Project Hope Expand your horizons Teach in China! China Project Hope (CPH, Inc) is offering a unique teacher exchange program in China.

It offers you a chance to live in China and experience. The China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) is a national non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in March in CYDF works to develop Chinese youth through education, science and technology, culture, physical education, health, and environmental CYDF is best known for launching and managing its largest program to date, "Project Hope.".

Learn about working at CHINA PROJECT HOPE INC. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at CHINA PROJECT HOPE INC, leverage your professional network, and get hired. My favorite charity is the China Youth Development Foundation’s Project Hope (希望工程).

In terms of scale and impact, it is one of the top charities in the world. In terms of scale and impact, it is one of the top charities in the world. Project HOPE and Shanghai Municipal Government Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center Several Children from Earthquake Area in Sichuan Province Are Being Treated at SCMC.

Project HOPE currently has 16 programs in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. HOPE was the first INGO to address China’s noncommunicable disease (NCD) needs in diabetes mellitus (DM) starting in and emergency medicine in early In JanuarySCMC worked with the government to create the National Children’s Medical Center [ ].

Project hope of china
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