Problems faced by the industries of india and their solution

The government has given high incentive especially in the form of heavy subsidy for using chemical fertilizers. In some parties, the percentage of women candidates was not even 2 to 3. Solution Check on excessive population growth. Instead of depending on foreign capital we have to place more reliance on indigenous capital with greater emphasis on the development of priority industries.

This does not mean that our women are completely free from problems. The industry within India relies upon other countries solely, and if there are going to be problems here then India is going to be affected, and this is called the domino affect which is difficult got all countries which are involved.

Some of the problems which had been haunting the community of women for centuries are not found now. Normally, in the population of any country, male- female ratio remains more or less the same, that is, Large Number of Employed Women is Illiterate: Women normally work with devotion, seriousness and sincerity.

High Yielding Variety Programme HYVP was launched in as a major thrust plan to increase the production of food grains in the country. This leads to a chain of crises which have interlinking effect.

They utilise features like GPS tracking, safe and unsafe areas on maps, ways to send alerts to emergency contacts, and scream alarms. In order to meet his commitments and pay his debt, the poor farmer is forced to sell the produce at whatever price is offered to him. The pace of industrial progress has been very slow and the growth has always lagged behind the target except in 7th Five Year Plan.

India suffers from over population At present, the population of India is around 1. Unlike magnetic vent covers, Ventstop can adhere to any surface, provides four layers of insulation, separates cool from heated air, and prevents radiant transfer of heat.

Hence in our political life, we have caste lobbies, linguistic lobbies, capitalist lobbies, minority lobby, etc. Violence against women is not a new phenomenon in India. The problem of small and fragmented holdings is more serious in densely populated and intensively cultivated states like Kerala, West Bengal, Bihar and eastern part of Uttar Pradesh where the average size of land holdings is less than one hectare and in certain parts it is less than even 0.

With the beginning of economic planning an era of economic development started.

Essay on Problems of Women in Modern India

This increase was the result of increasing use of tractor, power tiller and combine harvesters, irrigation pumps and other power operated machines. Sub-division and fragmentation of the holdings is one of the main causes of our low agricultural productivity and backward state of our agriculture.

Rural credit scenario has undergone a significant change and institutional agencies such as Central Cooperative Banks, State Cooperative Banks, Commercial Banks, Cooperative Credit Agencies and some Government Agencies are extending loans to farmers on easy terms.

Many of the public sector integrated steel plants have been established with the help of foreign aid. Foundation seed is the second stage in seed production chain and is the progeny of breeder seed. Under utilization of existing capacity is another major problem which is due to lack of power, raw material and demand.

It may be said that the vast resources like land, water, power and natural resources should be fully and at the same time properly utilized for the economic, benefit of the people at large.

10 Major Agricultural Problems of India and their Possible Solutions

There is also a need for constant monitoring and deterrent penalties to the parties responsible for sickness. Advertisement firms also make use of female body in a cheap manner to get publicity for things.

In spite of this Act, the practice continues to be in vogue. Exploitation of Women in the Media: Government officials also practise this discriminatory treatment in dealing with the people.

It becomes a permanent stigma in her life.

Agricultural Challenges in India and their Possible Solutions

Decreasing economic participation of women: These technologies are becoming more affordable, and as they represent an opportunity to make operations safer, they represent a smart investment.

By taking the remedial measures to tackle the economic problems, India can surely target to become a developed economy.

However, attempts have been made to improve the transport and power systems.Major Problems of Indian Economy and their Solutions.

Category: we have discussed the major problems of the Indian economy and their solutions. 1. India suffers from over population. At present, the population of India is around billion. Population is increasing at an explosive rate. Solution. Indian industries should.

Small-scale industries in India could not progress satisfactorily due to various problems that they are confronted with while running enterprises. In spite of having huge potentialities, the major problems, small industries face are given below.

Agricultural Challenges in India and their Possible Solutions India is the largest agricultural powerhouse worldwide and the leading producer of spices, pulses, and milk. Not only that, our country has the largest area that is used to. 10 Major Agricultural Problems of India and their Possible Solutions.

Article shared by: ADVERTISEMENTS: Some of the major problems and their possible solutions have been discussed as follows. Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems; some of them are natural and some others are manmade. Agriculture is an important.

Jun 19,  · License policy: ministers and influential political leaders are pressurising industrialists to install industries in their electoral area so as to approve their licenses. What are the major problems India is facing?

8 Major Problems faced by Indian Iron and Steel Industry

Is the BJP in majority the only solution to all the problems India is facing today? But on average, only 38 percent of arable land is irrigated. Solutions like drip irrigation are available to redress the problem.

But only a meagre 5 percent of available land has seen this solution. Why don’t Indian farmers demand drip irrigation?

There are roughly million people in India that make up our work force.

Problems faced by the industries of india and their solution
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