Mgmt 310

The study of the environment of international business, ethics and social responsibility in international settings, culture and its Mgmt 310 on behavior and management practice, and the strategies and management practices of firms engaged in international activities.

New Venture Strategy and Initiation. Topics vary depending upon instructor. They will be assigned reading and will prepare a written report on the problem. Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Semester course; 3 lecture hours. Dissertation Research in Management.

Management (MGMT)

This course is restricted to students who have completed at least 54 credit hours junior standing. Includes network flows, integer, nonlinear, and dynamic programming, and multicriteria optimization.

Corporate Strategy and Long-range Planning. Leading People and Organizations. This course is restricted to business majors with senior standing.

May be repeated once for credit as topics change each year. Topics include strategic and operational human resource planning and staffing; employee relations, development and performance management; external factors such as legal and international environments; and compensation policy and practices.

Students will work under the supervision of a faculty adviser in planning and carrying out a practical research project. Emphasizes the skills essential in designing, conducting and interpreting research. Semester course; credits.

Semester course; lecture hours. Introduces students to the management of people in organizations, focusing on the managerial skills, knowledge and activities needed for a successful business operation.

Individual and corporate entrepreneurship in high and low technology enterprises.MGMT Management Mgmt 310 2 3 MGMT & MGMT F S MGMT Auditing 3 Minimum Grade of C in MGMT F S MGMT Advanced Tax Accounting 3 Minimum Grade of C in MGMT (pre or co.

Study MGMT _ Exam Review flashcards from sil l. on StudyBlue. Question Question 1 of 25 Points Managers are responsible for getting activities completed efficiently and achieving the firm's goals by utilizing: Prereq: MGMT Developing an idea for a new business venture, conducting a feasibility study, researching the potential market, analyzing the competition, and writing a formal business plan.

Basic business functions are discussed in terms of their application to conducting feasibility analysis and writing a business plan for an. Question 1 of 25 Points Managers are responsible for getting activities completed efficiently and achieving the firm’s goals by utilizing:, financial, and material resources mi-centre.comation, human, and service resources resources, organizational competitiveness, and organizational goals mi-centre.comial resources, top management.

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Mgmt 310
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