Lion king critical analysis essay

Based on the trait approach3, he demonstrates attributes of an effective leader, holds a deep understanding of the forces that make the Pride Lands balanced and healthy, and varied his leadership approach based on whom he was leading See Exhibit 1.

The rest of the first act moves briskly and features several other spectacular set pieces and musical numbers, although the second act was prolonged. Mufasa failed in managing Simba when using the directive leadership approach.

I was a little unsure at first, because I thought I was too young to see something from a Disney World production. One of the issues with using only legitimacy and coercion is that both result in compliance at best and in resistance and mutiny at worst4, 9.

This is a carefree life without any worries. From the moment mufassa gets killed, simba lives in agony that he is the one that is responsible for the death of his father.

He should have found a collaborative solution that met both of their needs, such as using a Leader-Match strategy. Scar This triangle refers to the fight between Simba and Scar for the Kingdom. During the scenes with Timon and Pumba, Simba forgets who he is, who his father was and he forgets his responsibilities of being the king.

As a result we can conclude that during peacetime, Mufasa was an effective leader with a great deal of consideration and high structure He also depended on coercive power, knowing that he could physically dominate and punish Scar if deemed necessary.

The theory asserts that there are five main forms of power: A Simba gets older he quickly understands his place in the animal kingdom. His heroism and drawing enthusiasm is what distinguishes him as a charismatic leader.

All of his actions benefit the animal kingdom. We chose to analyze Mufasa, King of Pride Rock, and explain his use of the Path-Goal Theory and its different leadership approaches based on who he was leading and the situation.

Mufasa effectively and ineffectively managed his son. He wants to forget about it and live a different life and Timon and Pumba definitely help. There were also several little trap doors and the ability to have the entire back half of the stage tilt upward, for use in later scenes.

Zazu portrayed all three components of trustworthiness to Mufasa — competence in the way he carried out his tasks, benevolence as he interacted with others in Pride Rock, and integrity with which he performed all of his work6.

I was also wondering how Disney was going to manage putting a film starring non-human characters, into a three-dimensional stage. The dance crew also lives up to the challenging choreography.

The Lion King Character Analysis

For example, Mufasa succeeded in teaching Simba to pounce, using a referent relationship with Simba as well as his own expertise in pouncing to guide his son4. Ignorant of his resposibilities. When Scar mentions the graveyard he is also very curious to find out what is out there.

Scar, being the antagonist, attempts to kill Simba in the elephant gravejard, but mufasa saves him. Rafiki finds him, and leads him to a vision of his father. Weber defines party as individual interests that aimed at influencing communal action.Analysis of “The Lion King” - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Years ago, Abraham Maslow arranged all motives in a hierarchy form lower to higher.

Get all the details on The Lion King: Analysis. Description, analysis, and more, so you can understand the ins and outs of The Lion King. This movie is about a young lion born into royalty, being the cub of the lion king who is the ruler of all animals within the African Dessert.

The king, Mufasa, is a charismatic leader that keeps the interest of all of his fellow animals in mind. The Lion King, Disney argues that one can’t move on from their past until he confronts it.

He does this by differentiating between characters giving good advice and bad advice, and by comparing Simba’s happiness at the end with his. Critical Analysis of what makes The Lion King a successful musical Words | 6 Pages.

The Lion King Movie Analysis Essay Sample

Introduction The Lion King musical is a well-known musical that has taken the stages of Broadway, West End and the rest of the world by storm (The Lion King, ). The Lion King Summary essays The film I decided to summarize is The Lion King by Walt Disney.

It is an animated film as are all Disney movies. The movie opens with the themes song "The Circle Of Life" playing as the camera show Mufasa, king of the lions holding his newborn son Simba. The.

Lion king critical analysis essay
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