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Protecting Interview and interrrogation essay Actions for Later Testimony During Trial Protection of interviews requires documentation prior to being used as testimony during trial. The use of force serves to be one of the mechanisms of minimizing crime in the United States of America. Pitfalls during the Assignment There are numbers of pitfalls during the assignment, with the most significant drawback relating to the insufficient quality and quantity of information gathered from special persons.

Evidently, they bore limited results and successes. Mental, cognitive and physical impairments impose a significant challenge for special persons to recall information associated with the incidence, forcing the investigator to adopt advanced interviewing techniques coupled with patience in order to gain the required information.

Now, the rates of crime have been subdued merely because of fear of torture when arrested. Therefore, the entire process of managing access to criminal information has become hard for many investigators. The inability to remember events affects the memory of special persons, and this should be taken into consideration when interviewing such people.

In light of this, investigators are required to document every detail of the interview using either video or audio, or must make sure that they ascertain their authenticity when used as testimony during trial.

Many professionals devised the move like those from the health care, lawyers justifying it, with the higher levels of government authorizing it. With the use of the restrictions, such processes have been eliminated.

With the attacks of 11,it became apparent that the restrictions were protecting the interests of the offenders, most of which were against the processes of acquiring necessary information from them about criminality. Interviewing special persons require the establishment of high levels of trust and emotional relieve prior to the investigation, avoidance of outside distractions, giving the subjects adequate time to retrieve their memories Singh, This usually have an influence on the quantity and accuracy of information gathered from special populations.

Crime has escalated in the United States of America only because criminals know they will not be subjected to any physical and psychological torture when they are in the bases like in Guantanamo Bay.

The difference between interviewing & interrogation

The society has emerged as sound in protecting the human rights and acting within the boundaries of humanity. Most of these criminals are not able to convey the necessary information that has hindered the investigation into occurrences of crime in the country and the world as a whole.

The interrogative processes that are used to access information about criminal activities are somewhat limited to non-use of torture and any other similar technique, as proposed and protected by the legal restrictions.

Nonetheless, the government has been known for championing the rights of prisoners around the globe through various laws. Therefore, there is a substantial gain and loss with the use of the restrictions in the United States of America and the world as a whole.

A program deemed with psychological and physical abuse was used on the detainees stationed in Guantanamo Bay. The limitations paved way for detainees or suspects to engage in crime, and remain adamant throughout the interrogation process. Although the restrictions have acted as hindrances to qualitative ways of managing criminal activities, it has brought in the essence of humanity and respect for humanity in the world.

Part of the participatory preparations that ensure non-use of force among the detainees was the signing and ratification of the Geneva Convention by the United States of America. As far as the government of George Bush of the United States of America was against torture on grounds of going against human rights, the limitations have complicated the entire process of accessing criminal information from the sources.

Some of the torture methods are beyond the sense of humankind.Interrogation Essay; Interrogation Essay. The Fifth Amendment's Influence on Miranda v.

Arizona. Words | 6 Pages. To find the truth in any interview/interrogation it takes a skilled and qualified investigator.

Interrogation Essays (Examples)

Criminal Investigators continue to learn every day. They find new techniques to approach an interview/interrogation, they learn.

Essay on Interviewing Techniques Words | 8 Pages. Interviewing Techniques The Interrogation Interview Interviewing Techniques, The Interrogation Interview Introduction We are going to look at the use of interviewing techniques. Free interrogation papers, essays, and research papers.

The Aspects of Interview and Interrogation - The Aspects of Interview and Interrogation There are many aspects that make up a successful interview or interrogation. Essay 1 An interview is a planned questioning of a witness, victim, or any other person that may have information related to a case of incident.

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There are many aspects that make up a successful interview or interrogation. An investigator does not become a skilled interviewer or interrogator over night. Training and experience are vital to becoming skilled at interviewing and interrogation.

Experience is the best teacher, conducting.

Interview and interrrogation essay
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