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The following tables identifies the variances between lot sizes, distance from different farms and respective transit time from each farm. Short Term Lead time varies significantly, which affects the inventory cycle. These shipments vary in size from 50 to hogs. Hogs are processed for slaughter either in finishing barns or in farrow-to-finish operations and each barn holds approximately 2, hogs, which require on average 16 weeks to reach marketable weight.

Less headaches for me. How are you, Richard? Every shipment is received from a single point of origin, which may consist of a single barn in a finishing operation, a single farrow-to-finish farm or an assemble yard.

Farms vary in size, which impacts the lot sizes for each respective farm. Prices were kept low and quality was generally within established parameters.

My decision is to recommend that the slaughter plant outsource its logistics to a qualified third party logistics supplier.

When a truck arrives at a location early, or if the farmer is too busy to load the hogs, then the truck has to wait until the loader becomes available.

Integrated Logistics Essay

Our service performance has always been Integrated logistics essay to be acceptable. Worse yet, with Binish not only will the window decline but also the threshold level will be bumped up to 96 percent. Now it turns out that Binish has some other ideas about purchasing.

Manitoba Pork Marketing is a producer-controlled marketing agency, which maintains assembly yards for small farms that are not able to produce enough hogs to fill a full truckload. The plant has to set a safety stock that will protect the production against stock outs, vehicle breakdowns, weather related delays and the shortage of supply from farmers and hogs barns.

DEP was one such winner. Do you know what Binish is talking? Right now using exact day DEP only has 80 percent flat. This has implications for the number of pens, and the way inventory is managed on a daily basis.

The plant is dealing with the repositioning of trucks to serve its supply demand and determining a number of transportation units that optimally balance supply requirements against the cost of maintaining the transportation units.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: From the plant a truck is sent empty to its next farm destination. Good to see you. Light banter continued as the three moved down the hallway to a small conference room. Every farm is located within a different distance from the slaughter facility and delivery lead times vary from as low as half an hour to as high as three and a half hours.

The best I could do was get you a year. Integrated Logistics 7 July Logic The hog slaughtering plant located in Brendon, Manitoba has the capacity to slaughter 2. There are also restrictions on pick-up times. Table 1 indicates the current compound suppliers and their performance statistics percentage of business, delivery time from order date, fill rate.

DEP has the contract again! Let me throw a number at you. Hogs arrive at the slaughter plant from all over Manitoba and certain parts of Saskatchewan by trucks. These strategic logistical problems are symptoms of the following underlining complex issues faced by the plant.

In order to increase truck utilization and achieve better performance, the plant has to adequately and efficiently ensure the scheduling of a steady supply of hogs. In addition, Manitoba Pork Marketing collects hogs from these various small farms to enable the fulfilling of complete truckload shipments to be delivered to the slaughter plant in Manitoba.

The Hog Problem Case Study: Integrated Logistics

I count on-time delivery as plus or minus 2 days from scheduled delivery date. But there will be some changes by next year. The main issues are the location and size of the various operations, which requires the Logistics Manager to know exactly where and when to arrange pickup for hog shipments.Case Study 1: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Bobby Norton Saint Leo University Abstract The winds of change brings about new and while fading the old away.

The hog slaughtering plant located in Brendon, Manitoba has the capacity to slaughter 2. 5 million hogs per year, around 50, per week and 10, per day. Hogs arrive at the slaughter plant from all over Manitoba and certain parts of Saskatchewan via truck.

Integrated Logistics for DEP GARD - Case Study Example

Every farm is located within a different distance from the slaughter [ ]. Read this essay on Case Study 1: Integrated Logistics for Dep/Gard. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.

Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD Case Study Essay

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Case 1: Integrated Logistics for DEP/GARD MGT March 7, Dr. Williams Background Gard Automotive Manufacturing’s purchasing agent Mike O’Leary has announced his retirement and his predecessor, Richard Binish, has been announced.

GARD, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for U.S. auto producers and aftermarket retailers, makes a wide variety of plastic products for automobiles and light trucks.

Integrated logistics essay
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