Ftc engineering notebook business plan

Emphasis is on the technical aspects, what the team learned, where the ideas came from, data collected, reseach conducted, trials and errors, and outcomes.

Make sure whatever form you use, it is neat and professional. Generally, each event should be listed with a date, title, brief description, and a picture from the event if at all possible.

Our engineering section documents this by telling the story of our robot, each step of the way. A Team Section that includes information about the Team and outreach activities.

There is no distinction made between handwritten and electronic Engineering Notebooks during judging; each format ftc engineering ftc engineering notebook business plan business plan equally acceptable.

This is a section talking about non-robot build activities the team has been involved with. An Engineering Section that includes the Robot design processes.

Identifies critical pages in the notebook for the judges inspection. Communications Meeting Notes This section focuses on the majority of things non-robot, except for our meeting notes.

A brochure, buttons, business cards: It is important to remember that for many awards it is required that the control components sensors, etc. They all also follow the same formatting, so that it remains organized and easy to read for everyone.

Rookie teams often are confused on some of the basics of the notebook and its use. Must include a "Summary Page" that is attached to the cover. It focuses on the process of the robots development, the successes as well as the failures. Third, official FIRST rules allow only for hard copies to be turned in for judging, but you can generate your notebook in electronic format or handwritten format as you are working on it.

Also note, you should include a team picture and a picture of the robot. How well this section outlines the teams budget, financial goals, sponsorhip recruitment, and the sustainability of the team are all factors considered.

A business plan, strategic plan or sustainability plan. There also some specific requirements for the awards listed there. New page for each meeting or event Tasks and Reflections headers Written and organized so an outsider can understand the content Double sided pages Single line through errors - do not erase or white out errors X through blank space All pages should be signed and dated Use ink not pencil if handwriting the Engineering Notebook Engineering Notebook Sections The Game Manual Pt 1, Section 7.

In this section, we document daily notes on our community outreach, emails, promote award, and any other team activities that are happening. This can be in a subsection of this section of the notebook.

Mentioning that you asked for and received financial assistance, as well as charged an activity fee. Each meeting note entry contains a photo and a caption.

These will be featured in another post. The notebook can have other sections but must have, at least, the three noted above. Rookies and school-based teams often suffer in the interviewing because the kids have no clue about the team finances: The sections describing the team and its outreach efforts.

Attached are some examples of meeting notes entries.

Business Plan

However, our programmers recently switched over to using Logs. Having those pictures makes judging easier and your team more memorable. Second, take your Engineering notebook with you to all events.

Photographs of the process, pictures, drawings, and details at all stages of the design are incorporated. Judges score the Engineering notebook on four basic elements: Identifies the team members Each section should be clearly labeled e.

It explores questions like: It should include the daily notes, drawings, relevant CAD printouts, etc.Business Plans for FRC and FTC (Team Captain, FRC Team ) Rose Young (Mentor) Overview FRC teams should have an active and effective Business Plan to be sustainable, but many teams find that it is confusing and rather daunting.

What does a Business Plan consist of? Who should write it?


Here is our business plan for the Res-Q season. Business Plan. Clone this engineering notebook template and change the options on the elements with each question to fit your needs. Engineering Notebook Formfirst ftc 3 An engineering notebook is a working document. EHS Steel Hornets Robotics-FTC # Home Calendar About Us Engineering Notebook Important Info Here you will find pages from our Engineering Notebook.

Our notebook describes what we have been doing from the beginning of the season until the end. Business Plan. Engineering Notebook Pages. The Team. About Us The Game The. FTC Engineering Notebook Cover Page: Team Name Team number Location Logo Business Plan Section: Narrow it down to goals that are manageable within this season FTC Season Events – Find FTC events in your area.

What are the FIRST® Tech Challenge Engineering Notebook Guidelines? A Business plan ii. A Strategic plan iii. A Sustainability plan Engineering Notebook Tips to Help your Team Stand Out 1.

Every Notebook is a work in progress, forever changing and developing. Judges do not want to see a.

Ftc engineering notebook business plan
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