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Importantly, it is a red dish which is broken as if Mattie is inadvertently ruining anything that might usurp her position. Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost. Each time that red is used it symbolizes something different. Although having little humor and a sickly disposition, the society in which the characters live would say that Zeena is the better woman when comparing her with her young cousin.

Just as the cat breaks the dish with little care because that is how a cat behaves, so too Mattie allows the dish to be broken. The last metaphor for the color red was the pickle dish.

When he falls in love with Mattie, Ethan engages in activities which from the Victorian perspective are extremely wrong as they are also against the rules in the Bible and are sins. It seemed all she ever did was complain, and he resented this because it stifled his growing soul. Edith Wharton uses metaphors throughout the entire book.

Edith Wharton makes good use of imagery in Ethan Frome. Many times when Ethan and Mattie are together, her face will turn crimson. When Zeena goes to see the doctor and Mattie and Ethan are having their one night alone together the cat always seems to come between them.

The only chance she had in life was in getting married and being over thirty-five she was already considered an old maid, her prospects not helped any by her old appearance and habits Pennell It does not even seem like they are married because they hardly communicate and he is just like a possession to her.

Since his wife was continuously ill, and her cousin needed a place to stay, they took her in to help around the house. Wharton does not take a negative stance on the adulterous feelings of the protagonist, nor does she promote his feelings as something good but treats him as a real person in a real world who struggles with the reality of living with social pressure and having his own….

That stands for how Zeena considers Mattie taking Ethan away from her. The pickle dish is the marriage between Zeena and Ethan which is fragile and delicate. It may not be deep lust towards her but more of a hopeful desire. The next thing that we see is Mattie blushing.

In this way Ethan had his last failure in not exceeding to die with his love, instead he had to live with the guilt from his wife, the injured Mattie, and broken dreams.

She is industrious, hardworking, and does her best to be productive despite her failing health which worsens over time which leads to further complaints and demands to be taken care of.

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His wife claimed that a new doctor said that she was extremely sick, and needed more help around the house. Suicide is, according to the Bible, one of the most heinous sins that a person can commit and was also improper according to the social order of the day.

In a way, this proves true because in trying to kill themselves, the couple dooms themselves to a living death, he crippled and she whining and invalid.

Ethan could not find the words to make her alter her decision. Ethan Frome The story of Ethan Frome is about a man in a small rural town at the turn of the twentieth century. Zenobia, being the proper wife, is a symbol of fidelity and Victorian appropriateness although she is a highly disagreeable woman with an unpleasant personality and Mattie, with her dancing and suggestions of suicide, is symbolic of social taboos and their danger to the physical body as well as to the soul.

Though Zeena and poverty are both forces that keep Ethan from fulfilling his dream, the novel again and again positions the climate as a major impediment to both Ethan and his fellow townsfolk.

Instead it just injured themand these injuries stayed with them forever. The cat that destroys the dish is obviously meant to symbolize Mattie.

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Author Suzanne Fournier makes the point that Zeena is as unfulfilled in her marriage to Ethan as he is with the marriage She is there to remind them that Ethan is married and it would be wrong for him to do anything with Mattie. It is with Mattie whom Ethan falls in love after he has already been married to Zeena.

It was stated in the book that his wife had the upper hand in the house by the line "Now she [his wife] had mastered him [Ethan] and he obeyed her. Unwilling to work the farm alone, he took a wife who had proven herself physically able to be of help to her husband.

Instead, the conflict occurs between his passions and the constraints placed on him by society, which control his conscience and impede his fulfillment of his passions. The opening red metaphor that was brought up in the book is when Ethan is waiting for Mattie so that they can walk home.

Since she is a Victorian woman, her major goal in life was to get married and to be a dutiful wife and to not venture outside of the home.

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A summary of Themes in Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Ethan Frome and what it means.

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