Dpkg error processing archive trying to overwrite applications

This setting has the greatest impact on render time. To implement them easily in your xplanetFX you can use this script.

The precedence of event-on-update-reading and event-on-change-reading is as follows: It will throw an error on exit but go ahead and just ignore it.

We are no longer assuming this to be the case, so now desktop applications which require sudo access will prompt for the password rather than simply failing to work if a user without passwordless sudo uses them. Specials Here you find some useful stuff to use together with your xplanetFX Image series with xplanetFX If you wonder how the teaser in the top right corner of this article was made you should try this script.

There are also a host of fixes for minor bugs in various parts of the system, and some general cleaning-up of themes and text. A left click on the icon disables or enables the xplanetFX daemon and a right click opens a menu with two entries: Selecting previously unselected package x11proto-core-dev.

This will download and install all selected themes automatically. Fix for Broadpwn exploit A couple of months ago, a vulnerability was discovered in the firmware of the BCM43xx wireless chipset which is used on Pi 3 and Pi Zero W; this potentially allows an attacker to take over the chip and execute code on it.

Selecting previously unselected package xtrans-dev. Afterwards you can enable or disable this feature. The impact on rendering time is not as high as on the clouds effects but kind of high as well. On the Rpi pins, I now see the voltage at 1. Errors were encountered while processing: Upgrading an existing Jessie image is possible, but is not guaranteed to work in every circumstance.

Disconnect the USB power cable to the Rpi. All settings have to be saved first before they will take effect. Disabling the clouds result in flat projection of greyscale clouds on the surface.

Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme 0.

Database product installation FAQ 62 - 19th February 2017 01:14

On top of the tab you can visit the online theme pool to download themes from there to your local hard drive. To take a common example: One other change is how sudo is handled. If you want to have this in your blog or your website, just insert an iframe with the following code and the right brackets: The complete list of dependencies is as follows: Go ahead and type in control-C to exit the Python program.

To use the GUI you need to have python and py-gtk installed.

Linux System Administration and Configuration

Those of you who know that Debian run their releases on a two-year cycle will therefore have been wondering when we might be releasing the next version, codenamed Stretch.

It is an easy tool to render single shots over a range of time with a defined delay. This tip is for separate autonomous systems or for systems using different authentication servers which are sharing files using NFS.

Please note that activating a theme may take a moment because there are some image conversions computed in the background. This offers improved memory usage and more efficient code, so you may notice it running slightly faster than before.

On the machine that is able to run BitBake, be sure you have set up your build environment with the setup script oe-init-build-env or oe-init-build-env-memres. In the theme pool multiple themes can be selected and downloaded at once.

There is an intermittent bug in the interaction between the RealVNC server application and the desktop — you might find that the taskbar sometimes vanishes when booting if the VNC server is enabled. Look in the usage section for the CLI for more information.

This fader sets the time between each rendering. Selecting previously unselected package libpthread-stubs0-dev: PulseAudio is therefore no longer installed by default, and the volume plugin on the taskbar will no longer start and stop PulseAudio.

Selecting previously unselected package xorg-sgml-doctools. Due to the way the Bluetooth stack has been written, Bluetooth devices do not appear to the system as standard ALSA audio devices — they require the use of an intermediate audio layer called PulseAudio.I'm new to the Linux command line and am trying to get to grips with the copy command at the moment.

Nextcloud 13 installation guide advanced

Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to copy a directory with its subdirectories and asso. Compile and install NGINX with ngx_cache_purge module enabled.

NGINX will be built from scratch in this guide. We suggest to upgrade to openssl version h (how to upgrade to openssl h) before starting the. Note For the latest version of this manual associated with this Yocto Project release, see the Yocto Project Reference Manual from the Yocto Project website.

DEB. The DEB can be installed by doubleclicking it or executing the following command as superuser in the terminal: dpkg -i xplanetfx-[version].deb.

Yocto Project Reference Manual

Apr 16,  · This actually needs a double dash, e.g. –force-overwrite, not a single dash. Otherwise, thanks for solving my problem:). Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged ubuntu nginx apt dpkg or ask your own question.

Dpkg error processing archive trying to overwrite applications
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