Commonwealth games 2010 case study

A number of concerns and controversies surfaced before the Commonwealth Games in.

Case Study On Cwg 2010

After that I noticed that part of it has no plywood", he said [85] On 27 Septembera South African athlete reported that a snake was present in his room in the Games Village.

So, it can be concluded that non-sports stories have more bylines than sports stories.

Commonwealth Games New Delhi 2010 : The case of national English dailies in India

In reply to a question whether it could have been just a case of kids being present at the construction site along with their parents, he replied: Thus it was widely discussed in the Indian as well as international media whether India would be able to host the much talked about event. Although there were no casualties, this postponed the start of the game by an hour.

In reply to a question whether case study on cwg could have been just a case of kids being present at the construction site along. Fear of dengue outbreak[ edit ] The heaviest monsoon rains in 15 years, along with large quantities of standing water on CWG construction sites as well as in tanks and ponds, raised concerns over increased levels of mosquito-borne disease in Delhi.

After it was the first time when India got an opportunity to host an international event at such a large scale in its national capital New Delhi. But the overall comparison between the two newspapers tells that Hindustan Times has a larger number of counts of pictures as compared to The Hindu.

Employees and consultants and advisors were hired on criteria other than merit.

This gives the basic idea that reportage of the Non Sports stories was just double than the count of the Sports stories in both the newspapers. Games organising committee chief Suresh Kalmadi resigned from the Congress party.


Turner ran the race under protest. The Guardian suggested a mass walkout remained an option with the "point of no return" less than a week before the scheduled start; they claimed the "main competing countries would be likely to act in concert.

With one-third of our population living below the poverty line, and a majority of kids are malnourished, uneducated and lack access to healthcare — this sort of expenditure was not only shameful, but criminal. Mass volunteer walkout[ edit ] Around 10, of the 22, selected volunteers quit, less than a week before the event.

Stories accompanied by a picture or not The study also finds out the number of stories accompanied by pictures. Following this attack, foreign cricketers like Kevin Pietersen expressed fears for their safety and questions were raised regarding the safety of athletes during the Commonwealth Games [1].

At an official press conference, organising committee secretary-general Lalit Bhanot took the complaints about monkeys literally. This essay is an attempt to showcase the social construction of news. OC could have saved Rs. Huge Cost Overruns, Dismal Sponsorships Reports suggest that the cost of sports infrastructure went up by a factor of more than 20x.

Commenting on the incident, Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit controversially remarked that the footbridge was only meant for spectators and not for athletes. Then they made more money citing over-runs and repairs. But the scale to which this happened in India was truly shameful and the wrongdoers need to be brought to book.

The study further unearths details about the reportage within the newspaper. This was as a direct result of a protest lodged by Team England.

There has been an increase in the reportage towards the beginning of the game in both the newspapers but comparatively less coverage in The Hindu and more in Hindustan Times during that period as well.

Along with showing the world what India is truly capable of delivering, the country should also look after its poor and grow not just with events like these, but also become atleast strive a corruption free, safe and clean country growing with its masses.

He added that "We are coming in full force.

Concerns and controversies over the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Within Hindustan Times there has been more reportage of the non-sports stories and less reportage of the sports stories.Commonwealth Games - The Shady Side Tuesday, 22 February Hagar The Commonwealth Games XIX, did bring glory to the Indian Nation in terms of the medals (a charming figure of ;)) and the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, but not before a lot of controversy had already plagued and even.

The games are described as third largest multi sport event in the world after Olympic Games and the Asian games. [1] The XIX commonwealth game which is reported as the largest international multi-sport event was held in Delhi from 3 to 14 October It draws on a study that has mapped the coverage of the Commonwealth Games (held in New Delhi) in the English language newspapers of India.

After it was the first time when India got an opportunity to host an international event at such a large scale in its national capital New Delhi.

Azim Premji called the Commonwealth Games a "drain on public funds" and said that hosting the high-expense Games in India is not In response to a Right to Information (RTI) application filed for study and statements by In reply to a question whether it could have been just a case of kids being present at the construction site.

ETHICS ASSIGNMENT-1 CASE STUDY ON COMMOWEALTH GAMES SCAM. SUBMITTED BY: B JAGAN MOHAN 10BEE APRIL 17, Despite these concerns. The opening and closing ceremonies were held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. which didn't send a team/5(2). ( words) Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium By MyIGNOUBC (Your Name Here) New Delhi: Case study Words | 3 Pages.

Open Document. Common Wealth Games. INTRODUCTION The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving.

Commonwealth games 2010 case study
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