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Eventually, the team pushed it out on all paid search ads as a site link. Although you define the different types of care, I am still not certain as to what my mom or dad might need.

Case Study

The Care Questionnaire was designed to help customers determine what type of care they need for themselves or a loved one. People were completing the questionnaire. The whole questionnaire process is currently "very tailored to what their results are and to what their journey might be," she said.

That was a really good feeling. People were picking up the phone and calling our Internet sales team," she said. Every user tested had a similarly positive response, Case study ccbpl said, but the team discovered an awareness challenge.

If we could just point them in one clear direction, we felt like it was a supportive and resourceful type of thing to do for our customers," See said.

Dr Sandeep is responsible for overseeing the conduct of Clinical studies in India.

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What helped with this concern was tapping into another Sunrise audience of medical professionals. They also added it to all community pages.

With over 11 years of experience in CROs, she has faced various inspections from health regulatory agencies in her previous assignments.


Lourdes is responsible for overseeing the execution of late phase clinical trials in the US. Click here to see the full version of this creative sample The team began the development of the Care Questionnairewhich was difficult internally, she said, because they had to figure out how it fit into the current sales process with the sales team.

To implement this, they sent out an email that gave specifics about what the journey might look like for each user.

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That happens to be one of the most trafficked pages on our entire website," she said. It was a risk, she added, but as the team was seeing mobile visits climb, they decided the site needed to be responsive if customers were going to start using tablets and mobile devices in greater quantity.

At least she could go to bed that night and know that she had a plan for her mom. Prior to CBCC, Andrew was the Clinical laboratory manager and chief technologist of a national coagulation reference lab — See and her team wanted to help people find the best solution and information, which would help them come to an informed decision without Sunrise being pushed onto them.

Did you find it easy to find what you needed? Jayadev is responsible for overseeing the execution of early phase clinical trials in the US. Build based on customer response Several of the users suggested that it would be nice for Sunrise to have some sort of survey or questionnaire to help customers figure out the best type of care for their situation.

The team also decided to follow up the Care Questionnaire with assisted living resources. They have an immediate need; within the first 30 days they need to move their mom or dad.

That includes seniors that are currently our residents and seniors outside of our communities," See said.

Memory care is the service where Sunrise can be the most impactful, See said. He has successful track record of growing sales and retaining clients from his previous assignments. Through user experience testing, the team at Sunrise learned that most users needed simple and clear education on available options.

Sunrise strives to provide assisted and independent living services that are unique for each individual.Case Study Data Collection Across the nine sites in this study, we interviewed key informants.

These interviewees represent a diverse mix of clinical and nonclinical informants from different levels of the organization, including executives (n=36), managers (n=80), and frontline staff (n=).

CCBPL, there were some issues before CCBPL was incorporated and there was franchising system but the quality is way better as compared to their competitors. New Entrants: Coca-Cola has never been afraid of new 1/5(2). TimeTrax CaseStudy-CocaCola-CCBPL 1. CCBPL Success 2. The Coca-Cola Company is the worlds largest beverage company, largest manufacturer,distributor, and marketer of non-alcoholic beverage in the world. Explore these case studies from C.H.

Robinson and understand how our innovative solutions lead to real world results. Case study of implementation of TimeTrax at Coca Cola, in Pakistan. Covering the Attendance and Leave modules along with biometric identification. CASE STUDIES. CONTENTS • CRISIS MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY CCBPL feared that when announcement was made, there would be backlash from the union, especially as the president and vice president of the union were also amongst those to be laid off.

Case study ccbpl
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