Bog bodies essay

The main reason could be the difficulties of doing wetland archaeology. Steel, with little help from his faithful sidekicks brought two known felons to justice. A cake was given to him of wheat, rye and barley his stomach remains before he was sacrificed by the other Druids at the great Celtic festival of Beltain.

The only other place besides northern Europe to produce bog bodies is Florida, where brains of a bog body were found.

Bog Bodies Essay

Lindow mans fingernails were also remarkably different to those of other bog bodies. The scientist who examined Lindow mans body also learnt that he trimmed his beard days prior to death, which means he must have been in the possession of scissors at the time.

In archaeology, artefacts used or modified by humans, are used as evidence to understand the behaviour of human populations and their relationships with one another and environment. Although scissors were common in Europe, only the most privileged had them. Sticks were placed on his body to make it drown, Bog bodies essay ensure it would sink into the bog, never to be seen or thought of again.

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Bog bodies essay shows that he was free from manual labour, and was never involved in harsh activities.

The ethno history of the bog bodies suggests that the people were Celts or Germanic. The use of dating techniques in archaeology. Certain dating techniques suitable for the archaeologically recent past may be useful to forensic work, but these ideas require considerable improvement and confirmation before they can be regarded as acceptable legal evidence.

These factors include how Lindow mans body was found and his bodily features such as his head and neck, hair, fingernails, clothing, height and body build. Bog bodies are naturally made mummies of people that date from about B. When archaeological and historical evidence is combined, osteological data can contribute to the study of a broad range of topics including early migrations of people and ancient warfare.

What Can Bog Bodies Tell Us About Religion and Society in Iron Age Europe? Essay

More success has been achieved by looking at the biochemical markers. Cox and Mays, In archaeological contexts, human remains form one of the most important sources of evidence about the past. However it is not the only technique available. And both gather data in the hope of reconstructing events in order to solve problems.

There s a big conflict between legitimate business s and illegal distributors, which is creating a black-market. Log in or register now. The police were also called, in case it was the body of a recent murder victim, and they all searched the Cheshire bog in England looking for clues.

Due to the great degree of preservation, physical characteristics can still help to determine some identity. Traditionally traitors and deserters were hung, and cowards and homosexuals were drowned.

It was cut and taken for observation to the nearest hospital. C, but most lived around years ago. The outcasts were murdered and thrown into a bog and the rich were entombed. Each gathers data in the hope of reconstructing events in order to solve a problem and each looks for the agents responsible for the physical evidence.

Here x-rays were used to map out the body and where it was in the peat, it was cut away but one Lindow mans hands was cut off in the process. Using advanced trawling techniques and large scale crowdsourcing, we monitor all sources of research content in philosophy, including journals, books, open.

This is a most promising line of research which carries very strong echoes of similar archaeological studies, and is therefore also examined. For example; In Figure 8. Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best while there are some benefits to getting a job straight after school, i would to become a doctor, teacher or lawyer without having the relevant degree.

This means that Lindow man was a citizen of high class, getting others to do manual labour jobs. An Introduction to Forensic Archaeology: This tells us that he was probably a member of the upper class.

Then following the gruesome ordeal, Lindow mans throat was slashed to let his blood drip out of him.Bog bodies are naturally made mummies of people that date from about B.C, but most lived around years ago. Although the exact identity of the bog bodies is unknown, there are several theories on the subject.

Windover Bog Essay Name: Date: Essay I Windover Bog It is safe to say that Windover Bog is the most exceptional archaeological site ever excavated. It provided enormous amounts of information about the early people in ancient Florida.

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Bog Bodies

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Bog bodies essay

Unlike Egyptian mummies, the bog bodies owe their state to an accident of chemistry. The bogs in which they were buried contain little oxygen, which helps to inhibit bacterial growth. The most important ingredient for the bog bodies’ survival though comes from a plant called sphagnum.

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