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The demographics of were white and black athletes come from play a crucial role in were they end up going for and education to playing in the NBA.

Blacks do not know how or where to get advice on stock information to getting a house that fits their needs. There are some influences that make some of the White and Black athletes want to go after the money and not an education.

One of the most prevalent stereotypes in sports is that of the Black quarterback. This boxing matchup captured the same ideals that had been present two years earlier- that of American freedom rising above the beliefs of the Nazi regime. One month, the family is struggling to pay for groceries and rent, the next they are all living in mansion, driving expensive cars, and eating at expensive restaurants.

The attainment of a professional basketball contract is more important because the value system in African American families appears to be focused more on immediate gratification. Add to this the dedicated allegiance a fan feels for their team a sentiment amplified to a national scale in the case of a citizen cheering on their country in the Olympicsand all of a sudden the sports world becomes a dynamic atmosphere in which citizens are able to invest their time, thoughts, and emotions.

The best example of tactic is also the most well known: Sports are a unique environment because they capture the attention of nearly the entire country.

Boxing, once a sport dominated by African-Americans, is now being dominated by boxers of other ethnicities from all around the world. The level of income that one white family might have over a black family plays a role in where each family lives, the type of education, job status and where each white and black family lives in America.

This idea- that if blacks were equal on the field, they were equal off it as well- began to infiltrate its way into society, thus beginning the subtle yet definitive shift in the American conscious and allowing civil rights activists and athletes to promote social justice in our country.

China produces a lot of good ping-pong players because ping-pong is part of Chinese culture. White male athletes to turn professional, as opposed to obtaining a college degree before turning professional.

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What is it that motivates these athletes to turn pro instead of getting an education? Meanwhile fellow athletes such as Althea Gibson and Fritz Pollard also had tremendous impacts in their respective sports through integration and their individual accomplishments. It was extremely difficult to accomplish, and Robinson underwent tremendous suffering and discrimination because of his ground breaking role.

In a country where few African Americans were able to achieve high profile public positions, sports provided a chance for blacks to emerge as public figures, thus inspiring the rest of the African American community to take a stand for their beliefs as well.

Although these two seem to go together, one resulting from the other, this does not apply in the sports world.

Russians are dominating the heavyweight division, and a Philipino, Manny Pacqiao, will fight an Englishman, Ricky Hatton, for the title of best fighter, pound for pound at least while Floyd Mayerweather is retired.

Even to the community of where white and black families are going to live have a major role on the type of schools that have good education for their children to attend.

The problem with stereotypes in sports is that they often lead to general stereotypes. And as more and more African American athletes began to play professional sports, they were able to not only assimilate racial equality into the mindsets of citizens, but also challenge the fundamental ideas upon which racism was based, which is perhaps the most important influence these notable athletes had upon the civil rights movement.

Take, for instance, Jesse Owens. Later in the century, after sports had been integrated and become relatively equal, African American athletes were able to use their place in sports as a platform to speak out on racial and social inequality.

Basketball players White vs. Rickey recognized the power of sports and understood that integration in baseball could be the first step toward integration in society.

Not to mention, in the first half of the 20th century, sports provided the primary form of national entertainment because television had yet to become a fixture in the American household.

Black Athletes in Society

So rather than an education that could eventually bring money into the family, a basketball contract is valued at a much higher level, because it is instant. The more they accomplished, the more mainstream and famous an African American face became in the media, and slowly the public began to warm to these black athletes.

Furthermore, unlike television and movies, the men and women that participate in sports are not characters or personalities; the person seen on the court or the field is the same person off of it as well.

Given that blacks and whites have different incomes, on average, housing values might appreciate differently in the two communities, causing the attractiveness of housing as an investment vehicle to differ between blacks and whites as well Charles and Hurst, 6.

In White households, the expectancy to go through many stages of school and earn various degrees in order to achieve this level of living is more standard.When Athletes Take Political Stands. (who later changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), and other black athletes met with Muhammad Ali in Cleveland in to As a society we have to do.

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ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Essay about Black Athletes in Society Words | 10 Pages study reported that only 33% of Black male basketball players graduated, (Chronicle of Higher Education, ).

Free College Essay Black Athletes in Society. Introduction In the collegiate world of sports, basketball has become an increasingly recognized sport among African Americans, predominantly males.

The. Jan 20,  · Why Do We Make Athletes Role Models? Athletes will be figures of admiration and emulation in this sports obsessed society.

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