Beauty without cruelty

Through peaceful and lawful means, we expose and oppose all cruelty to animals and will lobby national, provincial and local government in this regard.

Humans need to start thinking and living in terms of co-existence, as opposed to dominance. Do you manufacture and sell cosmetic, household or personal care products? All exploitation is a manifestation of violence. Proponents of animal welfare seek to alleviate the suffering of animals while they are being exploited — without attempting to question the fundamental basis of whether it is acceptable to exploit animals in the first place.

Animal rights is the philosophy of allowing non-human animals to have the most basic rights that all sentient beings desire: Beryl Scott was chairperson for over 20 years. PETA will then add qualifying companies to our pocket-sized Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide, our Shopping Guide brochure, and our online searchable database of cruelty-free companies.

What is Animal Rights? Animal rights beliefs reject the idea that animals need to have a value to the human species in order to be deserving of rights. The internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo is displayed on packaging for consumer recognition.

It is a mistake to see issues of human and animal exploitation as mutually exclusive. Many ingredients known by one name can be of animal, vegetable or synthetic origin.

To meet individual design needs, the logo may be used in any color combination or in black and white. Once certified as cruelty-free, companies also have the opportunity to share their cruelty-free commitment with consumers by licensing our cruelty-free bunny logo for use on product labels and promotional materials.

The list does not include companies that manufacture only products that are required by law to be tested on animals e.

Beauty Without Cruelty

It appears likely that these companies do test on animals at some stage of product development, and their refusal to clarify their testing policies appears to be an attempt to mislead consumers. How does humanity intend to solve differences among its own species when it cannot learn to make peace with the other animals on earth?

It is related to the cacao tree and has been used to make white chocolate. No specific laws exist regarding cruelty-free labeling of products, and companies may not have the same high standards as PETA when labeling their products. This includes honey, beeswax and white sugar produced through animal bone char.

For companies that sell an entirely vegan product line, a version that reads, "Cruelty-Free and Vegan," is also available. Labels can be deceptive, so be careful.

This step helps consumers identify cruelty-free products at a glance while shopping. She remains the product researcher for BWC. Companies on this list should be supported for their commitment to manufacturing products without harming any animals.

Many ingredients from animal flesh are contained in products labeled as vegan because of lack of education. On the contrary, all exploitation is inextricably intertwined.

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It is also very nourishing and a soft emollient when used in body care products. Peace begins with the individuals who make a conscious effort to go through life making the least negative impact possible.

Cupuacu butter can be used to treat dry and damaged skin as it encourages new collagen production. In order to help ourselves, we must learn to protect both other humans and non-human animals.

Written on March 26, at 7: The list includes companies that make cosmetics, personal-care products, household-cleaning products, and other common household products. As long as we tolerate violence of any sort, there will be violence of every sort.

Nonetheless, it is important to let companies know that it is their responsibility to convince the regulatory agencies that there are better ways to determine product safety.Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) formulates natural hair, skin and body care items, many of which are importantly, you’ll never find synthetic fragrances, parabens, SLS, animal-derived or animal-tested ingredients on their labels.

4 Prince of Wales Drive, Wanowrie, Pune Tel: () Fax: () • Disclaimer • Disclaimer •. There are thousands of cruelty-free companies in our database, including The Body Shop, Tom's of Maine, wet n wild, and many more! Home Beauty Without Bunnies Beauty Without Cruelty is an animal rights organisation with a primary objective to educate and inform the public about the exploitation, abuse and suffering of animals and to offer humane non-animal alternatives to replace cruel and harmful lifestyle choices.

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Beauty without cruelty
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