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Other thematic concerns include the role of women in kinship bonds, the use of treasure as a societal bond, the function of the narrator in poem, the nature of heroism and social responsibility, and the purpose of the quest motif.

For every one of us, living in this world means waiting for our end. Later in the text, we see Beowulf in the time of his own kingship. These techniques and themes make Beowulf an epic poem, meaning that It had a great impact on the culture and showed the heroines of Beowulf.

His people raise a funeral pyre, and the poem ends with the praising of the hero. We know this is important to the poet, because the very first characters he describes are some of the earlier kings of the Danes, with reference to their "ellen fremedon," or courageous deeds line 3.

Revenge Is displayed on both sides of the epic, meaning that Beowulf seeks revenge as much as a monster seeks revenge against Beowulf. Capitalize all words except articles unless an article is first word in the title. Kiernan makes this argument, citing historical and linguistic evidence for his assertion that both the poem and the manuscript were created in the early eleventh century.

Some good themes for essays on this poem might be: There are several themes in Beowulf, but the most notable themes are; bravery, revenge, and violence. Like Evans, many critics have explored A paper on poem of beowulf Christian aspects of the poem, particularly the juxtaposition of Christian and pagan elements.

Greenfield feels that Beowulf and his world are presented as flawed in an effort to humanize them and elicit a more emotional response from the audience. We might then move on to say: Copy the format without the quotation marks. Beowulf Old English poem, circa eighth century. In line 11, the poet explicitly describes Scyld Scefing, who forced the bordering tribes to submit to him, as a great king: It is another form that is used to describe one word, name, or object by using two or more words.

Critical Reception A number of questions surrounding the composition of Beowulf still inspire modern critical debate. Evans, on the other hand, asserts that an oral form dating from to of the poem preceded a written version.

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Renoir stresses that this familiarity does not necessarily indicate that the poem was composed orally. These examples of epithets are used to characterize certain things. This technique helps the author by using more words to Just simply describe one word, name, or object. There are others you may be able to think of yourself.

Baum insists that the evidence suggests a poem composed for the enjoyment of its author, with the expectation that others might also take pleasure in it. Hailed as the first major poem in English literature, Beowulf relates the adventures of its Scandinavian hero, at the same time presenting a detailed description of the life and mood of the age during which it was written.

But with the latest translation or version, one can understand the themes of Beowulf and its meanings. The last theme is violence. Beowulf body ran wet with his life-blood: Epithets are used to give a description or to characterize someone or something. Basing this view on historical, linguistic, and stylistic evidence, many critics agree that the poem was composed in the eighth, or perhaps the ninth century, with the extant manuscript representing a later version of the poem.

The way Beowulf shows bravery, is by being a young man who travels to Hero, because the people are In need of a brave person to slay Greened, a monster.

Follow the title with the translator if you are using an individually published version of Beowulf. The first when, 30 men are eaten by Greened, therefore making the King of Hero, seek revenge and call upon Beowulf to kill Greened. In return for protection provided by the lord, the thanes owe service and loyalty.

He then returns to the court of King Hygelac, goes to war with the Geats, and is eventually made king.

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Shorter poems that only appear in anthologies are put inside quotation marks, but epic poems and those published individually as books are italicized instead.

The original pagan poem was extensively modified, Evans argues, by Christian oral poets sometime between and in order to create a work better suited to a Christian audience. This quote Is one of many violence scenes that show how brutal the fights were between Beowulf and all three monsters.

While it may seem confusing to cite a poem that is also published as a book as well as in anthologies, and one that is written anonymously at that, follow the guidelines for citing poetry in the MLA handbook. Abandoned by his men, Beowulf nevertheless pursues the dragon, finally killing it with the help of his loyal retainer, Wiglaf.

It has also been suggested that a written version may predate the eighth-century poem, with a possible composition date of toand that an oral version of the poem may have been composed even earlier.

Such themes as order versus chaos and reward and revenge are dramatized through the depiction of this relationship.Place Beowulf in your Works Cited list alphabetically under B.

MLA citations traditionally begin with the name of the author, but since Beowulf's author is unknown, begin with the title. Italicize the title of the poem and put a period after it.

Beowulf. Old English poem, circa eighth century.

See also Beowulf Poetry Criticism. Hailed as the first major poem in English literature, Beowulf relates the adventures of its Scandinavian hero, at the same time presenting a detailed description of the life and mood of the age during which it was written.

Little is known for certain regarding the author. Essay on Beowulf Poem Review - Beowulf is a Germanic poem that described the journey of the great warrior Beowulf.

Epic Poetry and Beowulf Essay

Throughout the poem, Beowulf performs epic feats from defeating the monster Grendel, and then his mother, to facing a fire breathing dragon. Get an answer for 'Essay of the poem Beowulf. Quote from the poem to support the point that you make.' and find homework help for other Literature questions at eNotes.

Beowulf: Characteristics of Epic Poem Essay Epic poems have many characteristics. Beowulf, which was an epic poem, followed these characteristics. Beowulf had a basic theme of good versus evil, was written in a formal type of language, and it reflected the values of society.

Epic of Beowulf Essay - Shields in the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Shields in the poem Beowulf Shields, a defensive weapon mentioned in the poem Beowulf, include a variety of compositions from wood to iron; and this is wholly in accord with archaeological finds.

A paper on poem of beowulf
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